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Who Is The Indian Monk?

About TiM

TiM is a man Born of India who walks amongst us daily. The pain experienced on his life’s journey led him to his own spiritual awakening. Taking his initial vow of silence for 90 days, he was encouraged to seek the knowledge that would help him on his path to healing his damaged soul. He learned quickly whilst surrounded by men who cared not for worldly material possessions, that he should focus on understanding what was his purpose on this planet at this precise time. In other words “What was his reason for being?” During the first 3 years living amongst the monks, Lamas and Grand Lamas of the Himalayas his clarity of thought and capacity for forgiveness to all those that had wronged him grew.

He found himself focusing less on the painful memories, what others thought of him or said about him and more on who he was and how he could live a life with more purpose. He was encouraged by the monks to learn everything he could about himself, explore every emotion and then to embrace who he was and to love all that he was and would become. He learned that only by being able to forgive yourself can you hope to love yourself, a most vital part of any spiritual journey.

Sent back to the world to be “their” voice, Tim wants to encourage every individual on the planet to look for the power they possess within to change their life for the better, for it is everyone’s birth right to live a life of their dreams. The question is, how badly do you want the very best for yourself and what are you prepared to do to achieve this?

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Our Vision


'To improve your existence through the power of healing'