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Practicing Meditation


It’s now well proven that daily meditation is excellent for your mental wellbeing and so has a very positive impact on your overall health. The Indian Monk has been practicing meditation most of his adult life which helps keep the frequency at which he vibrates very high.

Everything in our universe is moving constantly which creates energy fields from which all vibrations are formed. Many millions of people across our planet are unaware that their bodies are in a state of constant vibration and that the stress and strain of day to day life affects our bodily vibrations negatively.

Power of Positive Vibrations

The normal frequency at which a human body vibrates is between 62-73 MHZ, if your body vibrations drop below this then it can become seriously detrimental to your physical health.

One of the most powerful ways to protect you against this type of negative energy is to ensure that you work at creating a state of inner calm. That you focus on positive thoughts that in turn will increase your body vibrations.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through mindful meditation. The Indian Monk has personally and lovingly created each mantra and meditation piece below to help you with your own spiritual growth.

You can mediate to all these mantras or music pieces or simply use them as background music when you are on the go.

TiM strongly encourages everyone no matter how busy or hectic a life they lead to find at least 5-10 minutes everyday for them selves, your continued mental and physical wellbeing depends on it.

“Meditation is a means of transforming the mind.”

— The Indian Monk

Try Out TiM's Meditation Music


Meditation music aids the practice of meditation. It helps an individual concentrate on his or hear breathing cycle and attain calmness. Meditation music soothes your body and nervous system giving you a feeling of relaxation. A relaxed mind and soul is the ultimate goal of life which can be attained through the help of The Indian Monk's playlist of Meditation music.

Footsteps in the Forest

Our Beginner’s Guide to Meditation video


TiM's Mantra Music


Each of the meditation mantras available on this site have been carefully thought through and created individually be The Indian Monk. All of our meditation and mantra pieces have been designed with a specific outcome in mind.

Every piece of music is unique and specifically aimed at reaching the vibrations of the thing that we desire. That desire could for example be improved health, wealth, sleep, mindfulness, energy and so on.

Connect to The Universe
Purifying Your Body
Shanti Peace Mantra
Gayatri Mantra