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The History of Meditation

India is the birthplace of meditation, the oldest documented evidence of its practice are wall arts found across various Indian cities that date back to 5000 - 3500 BC depicting people seated in a meditative state.

As the centuries passed, most of the world’s great religions adopted the basic concepts of meditation. Though the methods may vary from culture to culture, people across the globe believe meditation is an essential cornerstone of spiritual development.

The practice, by itself, can be an invaluable tool in healing and stress reduction. Whether you adhere to a particular faith or not is irrelevant—millions of people all over the world believe that meditation is the way to clear your mind of extraneous thoughts.

The Goal of Meditation

The goal of meditation is to transcend the boundaries of the conscious mind and experience essential nature, described as “peace, happiness and bliss.” The biggest obstacle we face however as we seek this “state of being” is our own mind as we battle to silence our inner self saboteur. How then can we embark on successful meditation in pursuit of “inner calm”?.

Unlike many activities you can carry out your meditation anywhere you find yourself in the world. By incorporating the practice into your daily existence you are gifting yourself the best opportunity to face the stresses and strains placed upon all of us in everyday life. You can increase your positivity and keep negative thoughts and emotions in check. Regular meditation has also been proved to reduce blood pressure and anxiety. It also can increase your mental health.

Our Mission


‘To be the source of choice for all those on a quest to find inner peace’

Tips To Start Improving Life

1Take a minimum of 2-5 minutes every day to focus on yourself. Turn off all distractions and focus on your breathing and repeat “peace” to yourself over and over

2Think about all the reasons you have to be grateful and start the practice of giving daily thanks for all the people and positivity in your life, this will improve your mood and help you gain clarity on what’s important to you

3Live daily by the mantra “do unto others as you would have done unto you”

4Don’t give up, like everything in life meditation takes time to master and we are all individual and will master it in our own time

5Enjoy the journey and your path to “inner peace”

Note: People who meditate for 11 days consecutively are more likely to continue and adopt the practice as a life tool

“Praying is when you talk to the Universe, meditation is when you are listening to it.”

— Grand Lama, Himalayas