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What's Your Mood?


There are thousands of meditation music for every mind, mood, and goal.
All of our collection on meditation, mindfulness, sleep, and other topics can be found here.

The Source of Spiritual HEALING

The Indian Monk (TiM an abbreviation of The Indian Monk) has helped countless hundreds of people who require his assistance. Be it to heal a damaged soul, a broken heart, overcome an illness, find inner peace or to offer guidance for those in search of themselves.

Take a look at the amazing benefits & start your day with your vibrations energised?

Featured Programs


To make a permanent change in your life, book an appointment with TiM and find out for yourself how his healing techniques,
guidance and practices will lead you to discover your inner strength and improve all aspects of your life.

TiM Group Sessions

The Indian Monk guides a Group Voice Print and Meditation Session of multiple participants & incorporates live energy reading.

TiM Individual Sessions

Personal Voice Print, Energy Scan, Audio Sessions, Counselling & much more. Embark on your spiritual journey or resolve any particular issue.

Training Programs

Don't just heal, become the Healer. Learn about energy, chakras, frequencies & much more. Join the Internationally acclaimed meditation teacher training from anywhere in the world.

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In search of the answer...

Since the creation of mankind, we have sought the answer to life's most profound mystery "why are we here?" A great many past, present and future will never know the answer, a great many more will spend their lifetime searching. TiM intends to offer all those searching an opportunity to find their own life's purpose. This journey when embarked upon with a real desire for enlightenment will result in increased self-awareness, improved clarity over the path you wish your life to take, less stress, more energy, a sense of renewed purpose and a wonderful feeling of inner peace and contentment. The Indian Monk provides you with a rare opportunity to glimpse into the fabric of your soul by imparting unique insights into your life's journey.
Recommended for everyone of all backgrounds and ages!