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A Gift of Mindfulness

Give Your Loved Ones The Gift of Inner Peace

"What will 2021 bring? When will Covid-19 end? When will we ever get back to ‘normal’?

Just some of the many questions constantly playing in everyone’s mind.

So as we approach memorable times of the year that typically brings family together to celebrate all that has been and all that will be in the loving environment of family and friends, just what can we gift each other that will make a difference?

The usual suspects of clothing, shoes, jewellery, makeup etc will be of little use to most of us and they certainly won’t be able to help with the constant ‘noise in our head’, leading some of us to start suffering from suppressed anxiety, sleepless nights and invariably stress.

The Indian Monk can help... choose from a carefully thought through selection of ‘mindful’ gifts that have been created to suit most budgets. These thoughtful experiences offer the recipient the opportunity to understand the power their own mind has and how to access this power to help them cope with all that life has to throw at them. Each experience is intended to ‘awaken’ the individual to the possibilities that exist to everyone through constant and sustained practice, which leads to a joyful state of inner calm and an ability to improve their wellbeing.

A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body, healthy relationships and a healthy, happy life....

Give the gift of mindfulness...

It’s never been needed more.