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Energy Scan Training Program

The Essential Knowledge

As a TiM Partner / Associate it is a requirement of The Indian Monk terms and conditions that you undertake our ‘Essential training programme’.

The programme is based around our patented EnergyScan process which and unlike many traditional Aura readings incorporates both suggested affirmations.

The programme consists of background to the Aura, how the chakras affect our day to day well being, how frequencies are an important tool to help healing as well as how to read the Aura colours produced by the EnergyScan platform and produce a report of recommendations to guide each client.

"Have faith, believe in power of miracles for you are One of them."

— The Indian Monk

Please note:

Whilst it is a prerequisite to becoming a TiM Partner / Associate that the above ‘Essential training’ must be undertake it remains the decision of each TiM Partner / Associate whether they wish to diagnose their clients. If their preference is to receive the complete EnergyScan service delivered to their clients by The Indian Monk then they can opt to do so either when sending in the relevant digital images or by purchasing the complete service up front along with the minimum image quantity as specified within their price list.

1Cost : £ 99 plus vat

2Training duration: approximately 3 hours

3Timings: 09.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m on the dates highlight on the booking calendar

4To apply for training please complete the booking form below