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Do you know what is Energy?

The Energy Within You

The most important part of the human body is the divine energy which lies in our subconscious mind. The Energy is located inside and outside the human body. To understand and capture this Energy The Indian Monk offers you an EnergyScan which enables us to capture and translate the colours of the Energy within you, to benefit from an EnergyScan reading in the past you needed to capture your image using a purpose built an Energy camera in a face to face session with a practitioner.

Not any longer ...

Introducing EnergyScan by TiM the revolutionary new platform based on the latest AI technology making it possible for you to have your Energy read much more cost effectively by simply utilising the camera on your mobile phone or tablet and sending it to The Indian Monk or a TiM approved partner.

Why is understanding your energy important?

Your internal/external energy can reveal many secrets about your ‘inner state’. The colours displayed in your EnergyScan report are in direct correlation to your thought process and emotional state. The Energy is an insight into our thoughts, positive or negative. Positive thoughts produce clarity of the mind, a healthy body, an ability to engage in successful relationships of both a personal and professional nature and much more. Negative thoughts have the opposite affect and can leave the individual feeling ‘DisEased’ often leading to a breakdown in relationships, lack of energy, direction and focus which sometimes can trigger the onset of ill health.

By signing up to an EnergyScan reading The Indian Monk or a TiM partner can ascertain what is happening at the precise moment your image was captured, diagnosing any potential internal energy blockages that may be preventing you from making progress in a certain direction and offering you recommendations of how to unblock your energy flow and realign yourself.

EnergyScan is available for facial/neck and or full body Readings.

"Life is a journey, this is your stopover to clear your Karma."

— The Indian Monk

All that is required for you to learn what your Energy says about you is to decide whether you would prefer a facial/neck EnergyScan Reading or full body EnergyScan Reading, take the necessary photographs in accordance with our recommendations and send them back for diagnosis. On completion you will receive a summary report which will incorporate any recommendations.

Buy an EnergyScan Reading below.

Confidentiality: All digital images shared with The Indian Monk will be kept confidential.

The resulting report and recommendations will be returned to the original sender ONLY.